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Thanks, Atomic Aquatics

I recently purchase an Atomic Subframe Mask. This is my 5th mask, and the most expensive mask I have purchased. It is also the most comfortable mask I have worn. I purchased mostly because of their lifetime warranty. The other mask I had a Cressi Sub Matrix, developed some small cracks on the frame around the lenses and started leaking. I had made about 50 dives with it. When I got the Atomic mask I scubbed it twice with Sea Buff and toothpaste, but it still continued to fog. I scrubbed it again with the same thing and even tried Dawn dish soap. The fogging problem didn't get any better, so I even ran it and the case through a cycle in my dishwasher and it still fogged. I contacted Atomic Aquatics and they had me send the mask to them to check it out. They even supplied me with a UPS shipping number so I would not have to pay for shipping. They got the mask 2 days later and called to tell me they dissenfected mask with alcohol and sonic cleaned it (whatever that means). I received the mask a couple of days later and checked it out. No more fogging. Just wish all manufacters had this good of customer service. Next dive the Flower Gardens with a mask that I think I will come to love. Thanks Darcy with Atomic Aquatics for your personnel service.
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